Procrastination and Updates

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Hi everyone, Captain Shah here. You may ask why the hell it isnt updated in 3 weeks(unless you dont give a shit). Well the first week, was due to the computer being faulty. The other 2 weeks was due to procrastination..😀

Im currently on Holidays. I have been playing Fifa Manager 12 and Football Manager 12 and twitter the whole time. I have also been playing more soccer with Rio’s friend. I am currently their First Choice Keeper but I really play like a 3rd choice keeper.

Lorrax is a really touching movie. Nuff said.

Song of the day: 

Hi everyone, Captain Shah here. Today I am in a LAN shop and I have like 15 minutes to spare. I am here to discuss on my views on haters and relationships. Let start off with haters. This people have already existed since you live in this world. Well, not literally, but as long you make social conversations or contact with people. Yes, you might get them. You can say it is a sad thing. But HATERS GONNA HATE. They are your enemies to put it simply. These people are with you around either physically or mentally. I would say how you take haters as a perception. For me, they are people who allow you that you are a way better person or just simply ignore them.

Next up would be relationships, Well first of all, I ain’t no love guru or an expert in this but some opinions I just think of logically. Relationship is something very common in a teenager’s mind. I’m 19 and my age is nearing the adult age. This is something that people would have memories or nightmares. To be honest, I have yet to touch a relationship. I guess God is either leaving for a better one or I should just lose weight and wait for God’s permission. So Effort + Praying = Win, I aint expecting like a million dollars from the skies but in a relationship. One should think rationally and not use desires as the ultimate decision maker.

I guess I will continue with part 2. My time is up!

Quote Of The Day: Ultimately, your true friends will be by your side not the jerk you just got attached with.

Music Of The Day: Another great track on radio. Give it a listen!

Exams and My dear computer..

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Hello everyone, Captain Shah here. Apparently my computer is not in a working state last Friday. Really sad… but there is a good thing about it. I can study and sleep better. LOL! You could say blessing in disguise, No more HoN for me..

So, WRB and SVE has ended and CSO is coming this Thursday. A very important module for Service Management Students. I am using acronyms to study my notes such as (ISLUT,BRADD and more). Don’t get me wrong. That actually made sense.

I am off to studying. Sadly no HoN this week. I am getting a job soon and I am rewarding myself this Saturday to *Scape to catch the Barclays Premier League Trophy Tour. Hopefully, I can borrow a camera.

Quote Of The Day: Revision is really important – Me

Music Of The Day: Was listening this on radio. Great song by Darren Hayes

Hi everyone, today was a really fun day as we were at PlayNation @ Scape playing the console. Firstly, we played Guitar Hero. Me and hariz were playing the guitar while mylia  played the drums. I have to say she did “great”. I do have to say their Ice Lemon Tea tasted horrible. Blackcurrant tasted way better. Then, we tried Just Dance, so apparently the stupid Kinect does not identify me and only had Hariz and Mylia on. So much for becoming bigger. The best part is Hariz singing during Guitar Hero. :X

Well that is a question we sometimes ask? So this was a discussion me, Hariz and Mylia had. I mean if you had friends, are they able to stick with you for some time? Months? Years? Ask yourself this.. the person you called him/her your bro/buddy/bestie/or whatever you call this days… Are they you true friends?

Quote Of The Day: “A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.” ― Elbert Hubbard

Music Of The Day: This song was played on Guitar Hero.

PS: I am sorry if the photo offends you.. Hariz…😀

Friends And Marriage

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Hi everyone, so today, I would like to dedicate this post to my cca mates or I would say my 2nd family. Why? Because they always make you laugh or should I say the habit to troll. Except that dude who likes to sulk 24 hours. Other than that, we had a great day at VivoCity with Mylia, Farhanah, Imran, Fiiyah, Adali, Syam and later on Hariz. Had great time taking photos, making jokes and I managed to get some details on the contract plans on M1. Yes.. I plan to get a youth plan as I would like to make use of the 3G network! So screw Wifi.

So you may ask why Marriage? We were at KFC while waiting for Hariz to finish up his meal. Mylia was discussing about some dude that likes her. So me and Fiiyah was making fun of her. During that conversation, Syam said “if you need briyani, i got a friend who can cook it”. It was really very funny. Why? During Malay weddings, the food offered during the buffet, is Nasi Briyani.

And whoever that girl I like, I will wait for you.

Quote Of The Day: Don’t always put yourself in high hopes when you are new to a relationship – Me

Music Of The Day: One of the top tracks on radio 913 . Nice rap from Astro. Seriously nice song!

Exercise And Fifa 12

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Hello Everyone.. guess what? I started exercising. Well a 2.4km jog and 30 min soccer training. And yes, I am very tired from it. Who wouldnt? I plan to do this constantly. 

Sunday: 2.4km jog and 30 min soccer training

Monday: Sport And Wellness(Physical Exercise or Training conducted by school)

Wednesday: Maybe another 2.4km jog?

We will see my progress. Hope to lose the 25 kilo’s in 6-12months.. Lesser eating obvious!😀

Well, I did not manage to blog about Saturday as the whole day was filled with sleeping. And if Rio, if you are seeing this, my bad brah! I still love soccer. So I was playing FIFA 12 Manager.. Simming every game! Played Blackburn Rovers for four seasons until my contract got terminated. Fking AI. Expect to win the League Cup with the players I have.. Then played Arsenal and got terminated… for one season. Now I’m playing as Newcastle with 192 million… Objective: Finish Mid Table and Reach The Final for all Domestic Cup..

Quote Of The Day: “Exercise is a dirty word. Every time I hear it I wash my mouth out with chocolate.” ― Charles M. Schulz

Music Of The Day: A new track played on radio 91.3 .Another great song from Pixie Lott! Don’t you find her attractive?

Health and Exams

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Written at 11:30pm(And yes I have yet to sleep…)

Hello Everyone.. I hope you are all doing a fine. Well as you may know, exams are around the corner and we are really stress at these certain periods unless you have the “bo chup” attitude. For those who are really studying or revising, all the best. For me, I am starting to revise as my paper starts at 5 March. Not really lot of time for me but last minute studying FTW. 

This afternoon, I had a health check at the fitness room organised by South West CDC. That word reminded a lot towards my clique. Ha! Well, when I was there, I was the last person to be checked. I guess everyone was that kiasu or I was late. I had my blood pressure, BMI and certain important stuff tested. So in the end, I have to lose 25 kilograms and improve on my cardio. Good news is that my blood pressure is fine. The other 5 stations I completed was a very poor. Dang! I had received advises to lose weight and health tips. Thank you students of Fitness Training! Had free Milo… =)

Quote Of The Day: “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” ― Dr. Seuss

Music Of The Day: Since Its Friday, Lets be positive and celebrate the weekends!